15th European Conference on Perfusion Education and Training / Amsterdam

Amsterdam 2015 - van den Barselaar Peter - Welcome to Amsterdam AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Sikora Normunds - The proper delivery pressure for cardioplegic solution in neonatal cardiac surgery- an investigation of biomechanical and structural properties in neonatal and adult coronary arteries AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Metin Kivanç - Efficacy of minimized circuits on CPB in pediatric cardiac surgery AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Durandy Yves - Evaluation of the benefits and safety of miniaturized circuits on blood transfusion in < 10kg pediatric patients AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Anastasiadis Kyriakos - Modular minimal invasive Extracorporeal Circulation (MiECC) Systems as the standard practice for performing Cardiac Surgery AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Mazzei Valerio - Feasibility of utilization of miniaturized CPB during aortic valve surgery including minimally invasive approach AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Baker Robert - Transfusion, Independent of Anaemia is Associated with Mortality after Cardiac Surgery:Multicentre Analysis using the perfusion Downunder Collaborative Database AUDIO


Castellani Debora - Technical strategies to reduce hemodilution AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Jones Timothy - The role of Simulation in Perfusion AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Belliato Mirko - vv-ECMO: the ‘LANDING monitor real time contribution’ for adequate patient’s respiratory function AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Stone Andy - Single Centre retrospective Investigation in a routine use of a new Oxygenation System AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Hernández Abaunza Mónica Patricia - Comparative Study of Del Nido versus Custodiol Cardioplegia in Adult Cardiac Surgery AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Dada Jessica - Challenges to Perfusion Practice following the Introduction of an Intra-aortic occlusion Device in a Centre with experience of Minimal Incision Cardiac Surgery AUDIO 


Amsterdam 2015 - Andrejaitiene Judita - Postoperative Delirium in Patients after Cardiac Surgery: Incidence, Risk Factors and Outcome AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Ferguson James - The comparison of the gold standard blood gas to the real-time Spectrum Non-Invasive blood gas monitoring system for maintaining the patients physiological parameters during cardiopulmonary bypass AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Fichera Dario - Separation of Extracavitary Blood during Coronary Surgery reduces Systemic Inflammatory Response, Hemolysis, Need of Transfusions & Postoperative Hospitalization AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Semenova Anna - Somatic NIRS-Oxymetry may reflect the Adequacy of Perfusion in Adults AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Temelkovska Aleksandra - Aortic Valve Surgery using only Blood for Cardioprotection AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Shehzad Faisal - Use of Modified Del Nido Blood Microplegia Technique in Adult Patients undergoing Coronary Revascularization and Heart Valvular Surgery AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Baker Robert - Continuous Data Management: a Building Block for Evidence and Quality in Perfusion AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Hamilton Carole - Gravity drainage using 3/8” venous lines. What are the limits? AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Vercaemst Leen - Blood Cell Trauma in ECLS – The Role of Centrifugal Pumps AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Miceli Roberto - The Application of the ECMO Circuit in Neurosurgery AUDIO


Amsterdam 2015 - Kanevsky Anatole - Technical Considerations of CPB Circuit for a patient with 2.93m2 BSA AUDIO


Merkle Frank - What is the Risk of Cardiopulmonary bypass? AUDIO

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